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Office refrigerator cleaning memo

January 25, 2018, 04:18
The "Publishers Clearing House" scam has been ongoing for decades, and is primarily conducted through mail or phone, but fast changing technology has made it easier for scammers. Are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes scams? How does PCH work? Decide if it's worth entering and know how to recognize PCH Sweepstakes fraud. Publishers Clearing House works diligently to fight scams, both by working with law enforcement officials and through public education. For more tips on avoid Publishers Clearing House scams, visit the Contest Integrity section of the Publishers Clearing House website, Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam? Not any more than the lottery is, it seems. The company did settle with 26 states back in 2014 due to deceptive marketing. The $34-million payout was a result. How to Spot Publishers Clearing House Scam. 1. If someone contacts you claiming to be from PCH, and tells you that you’ve won a prize award – then asks you to send a payment or money card in order to claim the prize – STOP! You have not heard from the real PCH. IT’S A SCAM! As millions of Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes envelopes begin to arrive in mailboxes across the country, you should know that your odds of winning big are pretty small: Only a 1 in 1.2 billion chance of snagging the top prize of $1 million a year for life, according to the company.. As always, you should always verify the information in any winner notification you may receive before making any risky moves. And if you ever have any questions, let us know! We're more than happy to help! Do any of these win notifications indicate that you have really won a Publishers Clearing House jackpot? 6 Ways to Recognize and Avoid PCH Scams. PCH sweepstakes are ALWAYS FREE to enter, and there is never any fee associated with winning.